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Birthdate:Aug 8
Location:California, United States of America

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Old enough to know better and broke enough to not be able to afford it anyway.

On LiveJournal I'm auburnnothenna.

On InsaneJournal I'm also auburnnothenna.


The Hangman of Wolves.

If I ever get my tags in any kind of order I'll reveal my supersekrit name there. Meanwhile, no one can know what I like to reread. I'm so ashamed. Well, not really, but what I tag is rather different than what I'd recommend.


Since Dreamwidth has this nifty subscribe and grant access split, we can all take advantage of it.

Please feel free to subscribe to the account without granting me access if you only want to read fic or public entries. You don't need to share with me to read my writing and I won't feel slighted or left out if that's what brings you here.

Reciprocally, don't feel that I am being mean or exclusive if I don't automatically grant access, either. I'm crap at remembering to use filters and I want to take advantage of Dreamwidth's tools to structure an access list that is tight enough I won't need to use them.

Don't feel like it is personal if I go ahead and give you access without subscribing to your DW journal, either. That's just me keeping my reading circle manageable.

I reserve the right to rethink this policy at a later date, of course.

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